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My name is Marnie and I’m an independent artist & illustrator (with a background in Theatre Design) based in Worcestershire.

My work tends to be a whimsical mix of adorable characters, intricate details, and magical settings, and I’m very much inspired by nature and the natural world. I adore colour and would describe my work as vibrant, playful and happy.

I specialise in creating beautiful, highly detailed art and privately commissioned bespoke pieces, mostly created by hand using a mixture of mediums – gouache, watercolour, acrylic, emulsion, ink, pen, and pencil, on a variety of surfaces. I also work digitally in Procreate and Photoshop, creating prints and other items for my shop.

When I’m not working on custom or digital images, I can be found painting huge animal/character sculptures for the Wild In Art trail around the country – these are some of my absolute favourite projects to be a part of!

I am more than happy to consider any commission/project/book illustration requests, so please do contact me to discuss further.